The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz - the last tour

Over 120,000 people have seen the critically acclaimed show The Wizard of Oz, and the show was awarded a Grammy for its specially composed music. In may 2018 the Glada Hudik Theatre is taking the The Wizard of Oz on a last tour, visiting several new places throughout the country.

In the new free interpretation of L. Frank Baums "The Wizard of Oz" everything is turned on its head. With a large dose of humour grounded with gravity we meet a magician who build walls around himself out of fear of facing the world - a world filled with tin men that lost their hearts, lions who are fond of dancing but suffering from stage fright and rocking scarecrows without brains.

To this world, Alice arrives, whose only friends are on Facebook, Dorothy who wants to sing beautifully to make others proud and Toto the dog who has acted in more Die Hard-movies than Bruce Willis himself.

In the grand musical from the Glada Hudik Theatre, the land of Oz is an escape from painful memories, but also an opportunity for change. It's about the courage to face your prejudices. The courage to face yourself. The courage to feel that you are good enough - to dare to be human.

The show's Grammy award winning music is composed by Salem Al Fakir and Pontus de Wolfe.



Theresia Widarsson

Peter Sundén

Alexander Rådlund

Ida Johansson

Mats Melin

Maria Eriksson

Ellinore Holmer

Hanna Lundqvist

Niklas Hillberg

David Gustavsson

Kitty Jonsson

Daniel Holmberg